Body type

I was spotted by that man with the cap. I'm actually quite used to being spotted, and tolerate it well. No longer do I go red, mutter "sorry" to my own chest hair, and look around sheepishly in the hope that I might make them believe I just like to stare at all people, equally.

Not anymore. But nowadays it just gets weirder. Now I start to think - oh god; does he think I like him? My sketchbook is down on my lap, he doesn't know I'm drawing him. I could like him. He has a nice hat. Does he think that I think that he likes me?

Going to see Harry Potter tomorrow (today) with Lynsey. Looking forward to it! Lots of people have been posting drawings of the characters, some bandwagon I shall have to embark upon!

I'm also going to spread out my recent drawings, like not enough butter on too much bread. That way I can make more posts.

I end this post with an irrelevant video. One of my favourite pieces of game music, as a matter of fact. It plays when you enter certain houses in Link's Awakening - and is really, really melancholic.

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  1. Stareception!

    Lovely drawings as always Tom, I especially like the ones in the second scan, the detailed creases in the clothes are really nice!