Kat's birthday drawing

Watercolour pencils and pen on cachet earthbound paper


Life drawing, D-Con, etc

I don't usually upload any life drawing, so I thought I should remedy that just this once. These were some of the last of this semester, mostly drawn with Watercolour pencils. Both our only human subjects are included here - our school lacks different flavours of life model. We have shaved head and slightly deformed calf variety

A girly sketchbook page:

And the only original drawing out of 5 or so that I didn't sell at D-Con - prismacolor pencils - it's Momohime from Muramasa on the Wii, a pixel pornography simulator (it's really, really pretty)


Bad Request Sketches

Been trying to upload these since yesterday, but keep getting an error 400 "bad request". Tried across Firefox and Safari, both had these problems. Then I tried uploading the pictures onto a different blog, which actually worked. So I copy pasted these images into here.

I'm the boss of this blog.