Some lawn loungers;

Man with lakitude;

Photo heads;

Back in dundee on Tuesday after a 2 week visit to Alford. Got something interesting to post about as well, next post though, next post. Lets just say you should keep an eye out for it...if you want to be my favourite pupil...and then we can talk about Bram Stoker's Macula..


Post Potter post

The Deathly Hallows Part 1, I thought, was a really decent film, that translated the book to the big screen successfully, and had a fantastic animated section worth watching the whole movie for alone.
But I thought Part 2 felt fairly average. The best parts were Alan Rickman's dancing scene (how did they train all those flamingos?), and the part where Harry and Ginny give birth to Justin Bieber, although I thought the films were taking some gross liberties on the text during that part. Replacing the Harry Potter theme with My World (....of magic) was a particularly daring step.

It was also weird seeing those actors 19 years from now.

I guess wizards just age slowly - look at Dumbledore. He was over a hundred or so I think I read once. And he was the most capable wizard man ever pretty much. But then why does this boy of 11 look older than Harry when he was that age? I guess he had to grow up quickly to fulfill the fantasy internet teen boyfriend role of a few million girls. Do wizards have the internet? Wizard porn must be amazing.

I don't have a scanner to import HP drawings, so this bunch of cat sketches will be used as a placeholder. (The rest are just rubbish because they don't have cats)


Body type

I was spotted by that man with the cap. I'm actually quite used to being spotted, and tolerate it well. No longer do I go red, mutter "sorry" to my own chest hair, and look around sheepishly in the hope that I might make them believe I just like to stare at all people, equally.

Not anymore. But nowadays it just gets weirder. Now I start to think - oh god; does he think I like him? My sketchbook is down on my lap, he doesn't know I'm drawing him. I could like him. He has a nice hat. Does he think that I think that he likes me?

Going to see Harry Potter tomorrow (today) with Lynsey. Looking forward to it! Lots of people have been posting drawings of the characters, some bandwagon I shall have to embark upon!

I'm also going to spread out my recent drawings, like not enough butter on too much bread. That way I can make more posts.

I end this post with an irrelevant video. One of my favourite pieces of game music, as a matter of fact. It plays when you enter certain houses in Link's Awakening - and is really, really melancholic.