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Advent of Souls - Day 6

Witch Beatrice

Beatrice, along with, I dunno loads other people I guess, wanted to tackle the abyss like Artorias did. However (un?)like Artorias she freaking died. But not before she helps you out with a couple of bosses. 

Advent of Souls - Day 5

Knight Artorias the Abysswalker

Artorias was once a heroic knight of Gwyn, of which there were four, but this guy was probably the most interesting. He made a pact with the creatures of the abyss which allowed him to traverse this black void, however it corrupted him of course and now look at him, what a mess. The best thing about Artorias is his loyal and most awesome friend.. who I will post soon enough just have patience

Advent of Souls - Day 4

Knight Solaire of Astora

I thought this might be what he looks like without his helmet on. Solaire is one of the genuinely good guys you meet in the game, but like all characters he is flawed. He searches for his "sun", which I assume is his search for deeper meaning in life (or afterlife). Towards the end of the game, his constitution and positive attitude appears to crack as he does not find what he's looking for. He's cool though I love this dude

Either way Solaire is commonly referred to as Brolaire because he promotes co-operation between players and you can summon him for aid against many bosses. 

Advent of Souls - Day 3

Anastacia of Astora

Anastacia is a firekeeper, one who tends and is bound to their particular bonfire (which are the games form of ingenius checkpoint) and can only be female. The bonfires work brilliantly in context, both being a timless place of safety and clever continuation of the fire theme that runs throughout the game. 

Anastacia cannot speak due to her tongue being cut out for being "impure". There isn't any real explanation as to why, but the crestfallen warrior who sits near her bonfire suggests it's so "she can't say any god's name in vain".

Advent of Souls - Day 2

The Witch of Izalith

She's another Lord Soul bearer, like Gwyn, and she is the master of fire. When the age of fire seemed to be ending, she tried to duplicate one of the Lord Souls, but it backfired and mutated her and most of her daughters into deformed creatures. She in turn became (or was somehow absorbed by) the bed of Chaos, a giant plant fucker that is the single worst boss in the entire game. 

Advent of Souls - Day 1

What's going on here? It's an advent countdown featuring drawings and lore from the game Dark Souls. Dark Souls has a pretty obscure plot, but what's cool is that it's revealed in item descriptions/placement, haunting NPC dialogue and environmental details. 
So, here's this guy:

Gwyn - Lord of Sunlight

Gwyn is one of the main dudes in the game. He, along with the other lord soul bearers, ended the age of ancients where the land was nothing but wastes, giant stone trees and immortal dragons.  He sacrificed his soul to continue the age of fire, the current age, which the player gets to chose whether they want to continue, or end (thus beginning the age of darkness, or man.)

Yeah, I told you it's pretty mental. The age of man is the age of darkness - maybe a social commentary, but really it's just a reference to how all of humanity shares a single soul known as the Dark Soul.
This soul allows humans to live after death. Because why not.
Seriously it's pretty much taken me a year to make sense of this stuff and i'm pretty sure it's wroooong.


Post 100! Old Life Drawings

I was going to do a special one. A treat a real visual treat. But indecision and lung-jazz winds stopped me from putting anything up at all so here are some old naked lines. Not that old but actually nearly about a year old. Just hadn't seen light of the raccoon yet.

Up they go


Post #99

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