Post #99

I should do something for post 100. Any suggestions?


Girls, Girls Everywhere

There's also a few tribute drawings in there, the Crocodile from In Between (Gobelins student film) and Shiyoon Kim's dog-in-plane


All the Young Nudes

Whoops, I shed onto the scanner ^

Phew! It's gone.

I like the music they play at ATYN, it's often pretty mad when you're trying to concentrate drawing after having a few pints


Autumn Girl

She's happy it's Autumn

Here's a short Pendleton Ward (adventure time) animation:



Not much to show today. I tried drawing suzanne but it's just weird lookin
Can't do it, can't draw people I know very well, because there's so much personality you have to
try and capture. It's not like drawing some random dude and making up a personality.

I left this for the people in Waterstones on saturday, because they looked busy. Next time I go I'm expecting better seats and cheaper hot chocolate

I bought 2 books there.

                           actual size

I had to settle for these because they were sold out of the Art of the Chuckle Brothers (again.)

Here's a grand old video

Cube - Producers' Show Opening 2011 from Jeff Liu on Vimeo.


Kaiba and Short girls with fat swords

Neiro from Kaiba.

Madhouse studios...of course

Video of Monday:

Illustrations in this video done by this ace - http://itssangman.tumblr.com/


Coraline, Giraffe Tank, and More

Coraline is my favourite stop motion film.
The best part is where she grabs the giraffe tank.

Try finding an image of that on the internet!
Actually, I'll make that easier for you. 

Here's a gif I made because the internet needs it:

Get a grip, Soldja!

I've also decided to start posting an inspiring video of the day, in a new section I christen

Today we've got the friendliest animation Cyriak and Adam Buxton have ever made together.