Game characters

Some more game characters I've been wanting to draw.

Monster Hunter bowgunner

Henry Hatsworth

Link, giving in to curiosity

Barkle, in colour! D'awwww

Ristar! Just drew this straight from the game pose


Slimes, they get everywhere. Even on top of stephen fry and mark heap

Monkey Island

The Monkey Island remakes are probably the best things ever, but I'm not 100% keen on their character designs. Probably about 87% Keen. This isn't what I think they should look like, it's just how I've drawn them. Girl on right was someone walking up the street towards boots. Did she have a sore neck? I'd like to think so.

Close Ups:

Guybrush Driftwo..I mean Threepwift... um..

Guvn'r Elaine Marley... check out that dodgy finger poking up

Ghost pirate LeChuck

Little King's Story

Little King's Story is an awesome game, but surprisingly dark and tricky. Classic nintendo, appear all sweet and gooey but underneath you've got an angry broken glass spitting tiger

Close ups:

Pancho and Verde are the best characters by far. Pancho is the cow.

First Post

First post alright, it's a girl from monster hunter! With a baby Rathalos. Cute and tiny at the moment, but arfghaggh tough when older