Sketches June-July

Sorry it's been so long. I had a good few weeks just playing games, including Terraria (Wish I could play with friends), Rune Factory Frontier (Good but too many loading screens), and Ocarina of Time 3DS (Awesome!!..). It feels good to get some time to waste, but it can also leave me with a rather empty feeling, since it's not very productive.
That being said, some very exciting releases are coming 3rd/4th quarter this year - I'm looking forward to Skyrim, Dark Souls, Zelda: Skyward Sword and the potential release of Monster Hunter 3rd for PS3 here in Europe (Fingers crossed for this!) Also fingers crossed that I'll have time to play them.


  1. Lurvly drawings! And i know wat u mean about losing time to games, ive been playing monkey island for hours without realising, its so fun but then ur kinda like...uhh i shoulda done some work... lol

  2. Really beautiful sketches. I actually really like the effect of the other drawings bleeding through or printing over or whatever's happened there, it works quite nicely. That said, I hate it when my own drawings smudge like that... Also, I feel like I'm wasting time every minute I'm not drawing or similar. I wake up in the morning and feel like I've wasted eight hours by sleeping when I could have been drawing...

  3. Nice blog! Love your observational stuff... and above all the GIFs! The Link run is awesome!
    Good luck in your last year at Duncan of Jordanstone... I met many people from there during my stint in Dundee :)

  4. Ooo Mysterious Raccoon!! Like the title of your blog. Hee hee, it could be the name of my "Banjo Raccoon's" alter ego!! (Check my blog for Banjo Raccoon!!)
    Great Blog!!
    I really like your observational stuff and your wee animations are sweet too!!
    Hope all is well in ol' Dundee... UI used to work up there. Awww nice memories!!
    All the best! :P

  5. Awesome...great to see yet more excellent artists who have been to dundee!