So .gifs do work. The last one I submitted somehow became a .png, even though I never published the file as one.

I've been exposed to lots of Batman recently! Watched a series of the animated cartoon which I enjoyed alot, then Lynsey bought Arkham Asylum and has pretty much finished it. Then Kieran drew a fabulous Batman.

Go here to see it without some stupid white fluff around the edges. Does anyone know how to get rid of that?

*Edit* Turns out it was flashes smooth option in publishing.

*Tips* This animation will sync well with almost any music that has a beat.


Link run cycle

As I thought, blogger doesn't animate Gifs. The proper thing can be found here.


Themeblog sketches

Working sketches for the steampunk-disneyprincess theme over here.
Really fun to draw.

Some sketches

A few sketches from April/May. Just finished 3rd year, and got a decent grade that I predicted and feel I deserved. Really looking forward to the hard grind and stress related illness that will come in 4th year, because I get to animate lots of cartoony characters with a team made up of skilled and excellent friends.

These are a mixture of location drawing and misc (bottom image). Some from sketchgroup

This summer will give me a chance to do cool stuff. I plan on doing some fan art animations, and perhaps trying to learn some C coding language. Last summer I sat around and did nothing all day, absolutely nothing; so it won't take much to beat.

I also plan on playing some games. Mainly this one. Only this one. Nothing else.