Advent of Game 8

Day 8, Kyle Noble as seen in Halo. Major catch up tomorrow, with 9, 10 and 11 I hope!


Advent of Game 7

I'm lagging behind on these a bit. Here's Rachel as Yuna from FFX. The dog is Daigoro, Yojimbo's pup.


Advent of Game 6

Kieran as Guybrush from Monkey Island. I drew his body too small!


Advent of Game 5

Tom as Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney


Advent of Game 4

This is delicious! Mark Grossi as Street Fighter's M. Bison.


Vib Ribbon

Great PSX game! Anyone else remember it?

Advent of Game 3

Kat as the Prince(ss) from the Katamari Damacy series


Advent of Game 2

Lynsey as Princess Daisy...however, it doesn't look like Lynsey at all. So I'm gonna try again, and I'll add the new drawing in later.


Advent of Game 1

Mark started a drawing-a-day to celebrate the Christmas countdown, and I've hopped on the bandwagon. I will be drawing video game characters, one a day, for 24 days. Because dec 1st is my Dad's birthday, I've drawn his upper torso as Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series.