A few sketches, Boiler Breakdown

Boiler is bust! This is the last of my people sketches until I go out tomorrow and draw some more folk and buy a cable for my new scanner. I'm quite excited to go wander around Glasgow a bit, find all the hidden items using my new hookshot, possibly learn a few extra moves or spells from local trainers

Also I can scan in some cooler drawings tomorrow, some real treats I've got to show, real treats.


A few sketches, Broadbanded

My flat's broadband arrived! Now I can play Torchlight II online if anyone's up for it? 
Carpish on Steam!


A few sketches, Light handed drawing


My name is Tom.
My blog is named after a character, Tarin, from my favourite game Zelda: Link's Awakening.
Tarin eats lots of mushrooms, gets sleepy in the Mysterious Forest and turns into a raccoon who tricks Link into getting lost until you sprinkle him with magic powder!

When I was 7 it took me what felt like a week to work that puzzle out. So here's Tarin eating a shroom rrrRRrrR

Sketched on paper, snapped with my phone then coloured in photoshop.



Sorry this one is so faint, here it is auto-toned but it looks pretty rubbish in comparison to the real real

A few sketches, b-b-boogie


Kid Socrates and the Silent Bomber

Crime solving Kid Socrates (in soccer tees) and his sidekick The Silent Bomber with Dog Socrates the dinosaur fighting the mayor of Socrates City and the treasure hoarding mummy

Some close ups to tie it all together
I'll colour it in tomorrow when I get back to my tablet

A few sketches, Part nuts

I don't get the same everyday opportunity to draw people as I did when I got the bus everyday, but it does give me more time to do more personal work.

I've got a big .txt document on my desktop of ideas which I recommend. It's really handy since most of the inspiration I get is through browsing other peoples work.

Sorry for how faint some of the sketches are


A few sketches, Hawkeye

hmm, this girl looks a bit derpy on closer inspection

I was pleased with these two drawings