Advent of Souls - Day 1

What's going on here? It's an advent countdown featuring drawings and lore from the game Dark Souls. Dark Souls has a pretty obscure plot, but what's cool is that it's revealed in item descriptions/placement, haunting NPC dialogue and environmental details. 
So, here's this guy:

Gwyn - Lord of Sunlight

Gwyn is one of the main dudes in the game. He, along with the other lord soul bearers, ended the age of ancients where the land was nothing but wastes, giant stone trees and immortal dragons.  He sacrificed his soul to continue the age of fire, the current age, which the player gets to chose whether they want to continue, or end (thus beginning the age of darkness, or man.)

Yeah, I told you it's pretty mental. The age of man is the age of darkness - maybe a social commentary, but really it's just a reference to how all of humanity shares a single soul known as the Dark Soul.
This soul allows humans to live after death. Because why not.
Seriously it's pretty much taken me a year to make sense of this stuff and i'm pretty sure it's wroooong.