Not much to show today. I tried drawing suzanne but it's just weird lookin
Can't do it, can't draw people I know very well, because there's so much personality you have to
try and capture. It's not like drawing some random dude and making up a personality.

I left this for the people in Waterstones on saturday, because they looked busy. Next time I go I'm expecting better seats and cheaper hot chocolate

I bought 2 books there.

                           actual size

I had to settle for these because they were sold out of the Art of the Chuckle Brothers (again.)

Here's a grand old video

Cube - Producers' Show Opening 2011 from Jeff Liu on Vimeo.


  1. Haha i agree! It's so much harder to draw people you know too well. Lovin the wee cat, you should complain if u dont get freebees for it

  2. Also, that video was awesome!