Advent of Game - Day 1

Some of you may remember last year a few of us did the whole advent drawing thing. I participated by drawing close acquaintances as videogame characters and you can see it here.  It was fun, but I totally gave up, because it was too much fun.
This year, to save me from tears, I'm going to draw peeps from games i've played in the last twelve months.

Zelda: Skyward Sword - Pipit

I waited, like 30 or so years for this game, and when I finally got to stuff it in my Wii box it did not disappoint! Anyway, this character was one who stood out. Whenever you talked to him, he'd quickly cycle through these poses, then suddenly he'd be all up in your face with his arms folded, nodding.

Later on in the game he shouted at his mother because I blew out her cobwebs. If you know what I mea


  1. Niceee!I like how it's been coloured, reminds me of Miyazaki's drawings :) and also glad to know you enjoyed Skyward sword, I've yet to divulge in it's GLORIOUSness.

  2. I was looking at some drawings or Arrietty at the time, today my drawing and colouring will be improved over this one I think.

    Also, you need to play it, but I think you'd enjoy wind waker more. Totally seems like it was made for you!