sketches and scans

For the last month I've had some eye problems - in my right eye I've had a bothersome blurry circle in my vision! So I went to the opticians, where it was confirmed to by central serous retinopathy - yeah I hadn't heard of it either - a condition where my retina is pushed forward by fluid left behind by eye goblins. Which is as good explanation as any because no-one has any idea what causes it.

And I could be stuck with this circle for up to 6 months, which is a bugger, but really it's not any more than a nuisance. So here are my eye scans (cross section of the back of my eyes, including retina)

My healthy, trustworthy, left eye:

My right eye:

It actually makes me less shortsighted in my right eye - like a miniscule superpower!

However, on closer objects it's a bit more annoying:

Keyboards! My kryptonite!

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