So .gifs do work. The last one I submitted somehow became a .png, even though I never published the file as one.

I've been exposed to lots of Batman recently! Watched a series of the animated cartoon which I enjoyed alot, then Lynsey bought Arkham Asylum and has pretty much finished it. Then Kieran drew a fabulous Batman.

Go here to see it without some stupid white fluff around the edges. Does anyone know how to get rid of that?

*Edit* Turns out it was flashes smooth option in publishing.

*Tips* This animation will sync well with almost any music that has a beat.


  1. Love the little bounce of the ear parts when he swivels back round! I could imagine him pushing through large crowds in the street. Or maybe cutting the queue in the coffee shop. Because he can.

  2. Batman's on a mission. A mission to strut!

  3. This is Great!!!
    I love the bounce and volume you have got!
    The cape really helps add to the volume! :)
    Keep up the great work :D