Life drawing, D-Con, etc

I don't usually upload any life drawing, so I thought I should remedy that just this once. These were some of the last of this semester, mostly drawn with Watercolour pencils. Both our only human subjects are included here - our school lacks different flavours of life model. We have shaved head and slightly deformed calf variety

A girly sketchbook page:

And the only original drawing out of 5 or so that I didn't sell at D-Con - prismacolor pencils - it's Momohime from Muramasa on the Wii, a pixel pornography simulator (it's really, really pretty)


  1. Most excellent. You've got some really nice shading down in some of those life drawings, and I like the way you layout your drawings on the page. Although Dougie looks like he's kissing his clone's beard...

  2. That sweet love only a man can show his own beard