We saw Submarine on Sunday, it was very good. I hadn't heard of it until Tom mentioned that it was a fairly dark comedy directed by Richard Ayoade, and I was all like "What? ..Yo? - 'Impressive swirly hand movements'.. sounds double-ripe!" real.

It comes highly recommended from yours truly. Maybe a bit too artsy for the stocky jocks, perhaps not pretentious enough for level 5 vegans, since it was directed by Ayoade and thus like a fat school child it sweated humour whether or not it was excercising comedy. Also it was a Warp film, which made me even more fan-gushy.

I drew Yasmin Paige as she has an interesting face, for PS practice, but will be treating Noah Taylor (the farrzhaa) to my yolky moleskine, because if Yasmin's mug is the offal, his is the prime beef.

Anyway about the drawing, it's about 2 hours work all done in PS CS4, all on one layer, the rust texture was from CG textures.com. Those two rectangular shapes next to her head were unintentional but I kinda liked them, in other words, I couldn't get rid of them.


  1. Ahh this is fantastic! You're becoming pretty amazing at Photoshop and I agree, it was a good film :)

  2. That's a really lovely drawing Tom! Did you sketch her out first or did you start from scratch in PS? x L

  3. I sketched it in PS very roughly, the block colour that is her hair made it very easy to draw facial features