A few sketches, Part 2

These dudes were from the same game idea I had in the previous post, there's more drawings to do with it but I want to do lots more thinking before I talk about it.

In other news, two of my absolute favourite bands, Grizzly Bear and Why? both had their upcoming albums leaked today. Which is fine, because I'm going to buy them when they come out for sure. Why? are coming to Glasgow in October and I'm freaking jizzing it.


A few sketches, Part 1

I've got about 30 pages of sketches to upload, but I'll stagger them across the next few days. Most of these were drawn on the bus to/from Glasgow during the week

Some character sketches for a game idea, haven't drawn much for it so it's just exploration of style/imagery at the moment

 Some character stuff, based on drawings I did years and years ago. I got really into Sharpe, and Wind Waker, and watching late night American dramas, can't remember how old. I drew tons of these girls with rifles in a big sketchbook but then I lost the whole thing, one of my biggest regrets. 

I'm pretty sure I threw it away out of embarrassment